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My Name is Dante Davison, founder and lead creator of DANTE'S CRAFT. I am an ambitious artist looking to craft a legacy through my artistry. I showcase that artwork through photography, animation, and film. Since the age of eight I've been heavily involved in taking photos. Using a simple point and shoot Pokémon camera I received as a gift. From there I began drawing and creating my own short stories, which led me to graphic design. Lastly , my love for films and the process has always been evident and a huge inspiration to my work. Directing is definitely in my future. My wish is to create that same magic I felt as a child and even still feel now while watching films. Being involved in three different mediums is just as hard as it sounds, but I feel only through all three can my imagination truly be expressed. DANTE'S CRAFT isn't only about my journey, but I use my talents to shape other legacies as well. I help where I am needed. Through this have I learned the power and impact of art. Fortunately It has been a long journey thus far , and my work has only just begun !

                Thank you for stopping by , enjoy !

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